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5 Day Digiclass
Uncover the A+ student's study strategies, time-management skills & high-performance habits to boost your child's grades

Live Group Coaching for children
Join Dr Poonam and her team on a fun and engaging coaching call where she guides children to acquire the skills required to ace their class

Ongoing Community Support
Access to a growing FB community of Super parents who are intentional about providing holistic education to their children to become Unstoppable in all areas of their lives
5 Days of WhatsApp Digital Lessons


5 Days of Digital Lessons Lifetime Access to Program Unlimited Support

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How Will The Super Student Program Help My Child?

  • Helps the child to master academic success mindset
  • Activates 3 key skills to boost memory and learn anything fast
  • Creates high-performance routines, super students use to master academic success
  • Builds a power-packed 40 mins study system and maximise results
  • Gives access to study strategies to 10X your child's results
  • Super Student Testimonial
    Vedant, my son is a little shy, introvert, takes time to open up and takes time. However, he was fully there to attend the Super Student program and the fact that he is now thinking, in itself is a BIG change. I think there is a lot of change in the habit of getting into a thinking mode which is a welcome change.
    Kranti Sety
    Super Parent
  • Super Student Testimonial
    Before the Super Student Program, I was not very focused and attentive. One thing I can share about the Super Student program is that it's very interactive and it was very wonderful so I enjoyed it a lot and learnt a lot too.
    Super Student
  • Super Student Testimonial
    Before the Super Student program, I was not able to self-study and couldn't do anything on my own. Now, I learnt how to self-study and concentrate on anything I do.
    Super student
  • Super Student Testimonial
    I didn't know exactly how to self-study. Didn't know the right way to study, because I always used to get distracted with some or the other thing but now I can study properly and set my time table properly.
    Reeti Thakkar
    Super Student

About Dr. Poonam Kage

Dr Poonam Kage, is a psychologist, a parent coach and a Potential Growth coach for children and young adults. She is the creator of Big Leap Programs and the founder of Roller coaster Edutainment. She helps families build Values, Mindset, Knowledge, Skills and Habits that are necessary for a child to thrive in class and life. she is on a mission to empower parents and educators to raise purposeful, passionate and powerful children by helping them unleash their potential and be Unstoppable.

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