One-On-One Coaching

What Will I Get ?

How will the One-On-One Coaching program help me?

  • What kind of parenting goal could you work with me?
  • You want a sure shot system on how to handle your child's tantrums
  • You could (finally) figure out what is your child's learning style
  • How to ensure Or define your family values system such that you create a closely-knit family
  • Or rewire any negative or limiting parenting mindsets and beliefs that are detrimental to your child's progress and overall growth
  • Or help your child make the next big career move
Whatever is your endeavour, for yourself as a parent or your family - you will have the support and guidance of my team and me, working with you directly to make it happen.

This one-on-one coaching session will cover any topic you like, be it a personal parenting challenge or the one you face with your children

We’ll meet via video or by phone call (30 mins) to understand your unique concerns and challenges. I will provide insights, ideas and action steps to help you take your parenting journey from chaos to calm.

Parenting coaching can be many times more effective at achieving meaningful results you are looking to achieve because we help you identify the key focus areas that need care and attention and work with you to arrive at peaceful solutions.

All private sessions with Dr. Poonam are considered 'coaching', not therapy or counselling. By scheduling this session, you are acknowledging and accepting that you are booking Dr. Poonam for a life-coaching session.

In due course of a pandemic, all one-on-one sessions will be conducted over the phone.
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