About Dr. Poonam Kage

With a doctorate in Psychology and Motivation Mapping as my speciality, I also work as Parent Coach and Potential Growth Coach for children. I use my learning to decode what children need to thrive in class and life. I also helps parents tackle everyday parenting challenges by helping them design their purpose, uncover their power & discover their passion making Parenting a fulfilling experience.

I have designed The Big Leap Programs that focus on building a child's self-esteem, strengthening their values, and developing their character such that they are tuned for good health & habits, a growth mindset & positive outlook, and prosperity through success & high productivity.

I believe growing up need not be tough, confusing, and exhausting. Our children deserve a loving, kind, and compassionate upbringing. They shall have opportunities to live life to the fullest, creating happy memories, filled with laughter, and a sense of belonging.

I've spent years coaching children and youth to master their personal skills so that they excelled in class, and made better career choices or pursued individual creative path. In addition, I have also coached master level students in psychology and management.

In the past, I have conducted training and coaching sessions with leading schools like Delhi Public School, Army Public School, St. Xavier's Schools, DAV School, AVM Schools, St. Lawrence School, and many more as well as corporates like Aditya Birla, HUL, Cadbury's , Siemens, Konkan Railways to name a few. I was a visiting faculty for psychology at SNDT University, and Rizvi Management College teaching post-graduate students.

My Journey
  • 2003

    Masters in
    Industrial Psychology
  • 2003

    Intern in HR department of
    Rediffusion DYR (as agency)
  • 2004

    Diploma in
    Personnel Management
    & Industrial Relations
  • 2005

    Trainer at
    a Career Guidance Centre
  • 2007

    Married Capt. Rohan Kage
  • 2009

    Daughter Tisha was born
  • 2011

    Earned a Doctorate
    in Psychology
  • 2013

    Founded Rollercoaster Edutainment

As a child, I was extremely naIve, timid and low on self-esteem. Ensuring to remain unnoticed- I never raised my hand in the class despite knowing answers, never participating in dance, drama, contests, or elocutions merely out of fear of failing. And this attitude hampered me miserably at school. I struggled through my schooling years...read more

My Mission

I want to help 100,000 families to lead a happy, healthy and successful life- design a life of their dreams by helping them uncover their child's truest potential.

This can happen only if we teach our children to love and respect themselves for who they are, and teach them to be kind and compassionate. We need to train them to put themselves in others' shoes and truly hear them out, listen to others, and not to react but respond in a manner that offers win-win solutions for the greater good.

Unfortunately, parents today rely heavily on school and other formal set-ups to instil in our children the family values that we inherited from our parents. At the same time we wish we don't inadvertently become the roadblock in our child's success story.

If you feel something's amiss while raising your child to be their supreme best and are searching for a way to inject solid family values, good habits, and a growth mindset, I am here to help. I assure you, irrespective of background factors, you can redraw your super parenting journey, and help your child manifest their truest potential.

Reach out to me and my team right away! Let us know how we can help you map your unique parenting journey. And I'm eager to be your child's Potential Growth Coach.

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